Golf Instruction Programs

At Plum Creek Golf course, we've worked hard over the years to develop a revolutionary way to teach and grow this great game. We focus on three distinct groups, so we are able to tailor our instruction to fit into your schedule and needs.

  1. Those who want to learn to play the game start with our Learn to Play program.
  2. Kids 18 and under who desire to learn the game through our Junior Academy.
  3. Experienced golfers seeking to improve their game with our Game Improvement program.

Kyle, Texas Lessons & Instruction


Our Learn to Play Golf classes are tailored for small groups and will teach you everything you need to know about stepping onto a golf course for the first time. The game of golf is a sport like no other – it’s a game that you can play and enjoy with friends, family and business associates for a lifetime. From the thrill of hitting a long straight shot, to the excitement of sinking that birdie putt, golf is a sport that never fails to challenge and delight.

When people think of golf, they think of sportsmanship, fair play and great camaraderie, so it is easy to see why golf attracts players from all walks of life and why it is often the game of choice for important social and business dealings. Now, are you someone who has freely said, “I don’t know how to play golf, but I’ve always really wanted to.” Well, you’re in luck, these classes are for people just like you! Our classes are designed to teach this fantastic sport in a way that will be fun and more comfortable than you could ever imagine. With our style of instruction, we take people who have never held a golf club and teach them the skills to play, and to play well.


In five, weekly one hour sessions with golf equipment provided (or you may bring your own), you’ll enjoy a comprehensive education on the ins and outs of a successful golf outing. From making a tee time, what to do when you arrive at the course, what clubs to use, and even how to mark your ball when you successfully get to the green!

2022 Learn to Play 1.0 Sessions:

Classes run from 6:15pm-7:15pm and we have multiple dates throughout the year!

First Session

  • Tuesday Clinics • March 22nd-April 26th
  • Thursday Clinics • March 24th-April 28th

Second Session

  • Tuesday Clinics • May 10th-June 14th
  • Thursday Clinics • May 12th-Jun 16th

Third Session

  • Tuesday Clinics • June 28th-August 2nd
  • Thursday Clinics • June 30th-August 4th

Fourth Session

  • Tuesday Clinics • September 6th-October 11th 
  • Thursday Clinics • September 8th-October 13th



Golf Training Classes


Our series of classes will guide you through a natural progression of learning the different swings, strokes, and shots. You will start with the basics of putting, move on to chipping, and use those skills to develop your full swing. Once you have mastered your swing mechanics, our team will walk you through the process of picking which clubs are best for each shot. This of course will include the breakdown of the different irons, wedges, and woods at your disposal. Believe us, successfully hitting a tee shot long and straight takes practice, but with a well taught fundamental swing from earlier classes, you’ll be mastering that swing in no time!


We pride ourselves on making sure that we foster a judgement-free zone during all our sessions, and we will prove that it’s never too late to learn to play golf. Once you graduate from learn to play golf, we are confident that you’ll be good enough and comfortable enough to make the golf course a place to look forward to. These classes are designed to be fun and offer a step-by-step approach to playing golf for the first time.

Brian Marini Golf Instructor


For more information on upcoming Learn To Play classes, our Junior Academy,  Play Better Golf classes or One-on-One Instruction, please call our pro shop at 512-262-5555 or simply fill out the form on the TOP RIGHT of this page to be contacted by Brian Marini (pictured above), our Director of Better Golf.

All lessons and classes take place at Plum Creek Golf Course with our professional instructors.

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