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Learn to Play Golf

Let us teach you! A $400 value for only $59!

Do you want to learn the game of golf, but don’t want to spend lots of money for private lessons? Plum Creek is hosting clinics for those who want to learn the game. If you don’t have clubs it is okay, we have some for you to borrow. We will work on everything from the full swing to the short game. You will get the instruction you need, where you need it.

Call the pro shop at 512-262-5555 to sign up. Come out for a fun and easy way to learn golf!

Session Schedule:

  • Class 1: Putting - We will teach you the short stroke first and get you started on the right path
  • Class 2: Chipping -The stroke gets slightly longer as we teach you how to hit shots from  just off of the green
  • Class 3: Pitching - Chipping is a good start for this session.  We now show you how to hit those mid-range shots from further away
  • Class 4: Full Swing - Here we go…now we teach you how to hit the ball through proper mechanics
  • Class 5: Woods - Students get to learn to hit it far with the woods!
  • Class 6: Playing the course - For the last session we get you on the course for some a real golf experience.  No need to worry…we make it fun and easy

2020 Learn to Play 1.0 Sessions:

Classes run from 6:15pm-7:15pm

First Session
• Tuesday Clinics • March 24th-April 28th
• Thursday Clinics • March 26th-April 30th

Second Session
• Tuesday Clinics • May 12th-June 16th
• Thursday Clinics • May 14th-June 18th

Third Session
• Tuesday Clinics • June 30th-August 4th
• Thursday Clinics • July 2nd-August 6th

Fourth Session
• Tuesday Clinics • September 8th-October 13th 
• Thursday Clinics • September 10th-October 15th

2020 Learn to Play 2.0 Sessions

Classes run from 9:00am-10:00am on Saturdays

First Session
• April 11th-May 9th

Second Session
• May 23rd-June 20th

Third Session
• July 11th-August 8th

Fourth Session
• September 19th-October 17th

brian marini

Director of Better Golf, Brian Marini

Our Director of Better Golf, Brian Marini, has been playing golf most of his life and teaching for the better part of 15 years. He started his playing career at San Marcos High School where he helped his team to a 5th place finish in the State Tournament his junior year. He also won the San Marcos City Championship when he was 18 years old. After that Brian played college golf at Temple Junior College, where was a two-time All American, finishing in second place at his national tournament his sophomore year. Brian then spent some time working at a couple different golf facilities and continuing to play at a high level, he turned professional at the age of 22. As a professional he decided to take his game on the road and peruse a playing career. Brian was able to finish in the top ten twice on the Adams Tour, and also won the Austin Open in 2008 and later in 2012. After 2 years, Brian decided to hang it up and get back to what he really enjoyed, teaching the game and enjoying the people that love it. The constant practicing and experimenting on the driving range and on the course is what he feels makes him such a great teacher of golf, he would tell you he has tried every swing method and game improvement tip out there. 

Plum Creek Golf Course
4301 Benner
Kyle, TX 78640